This Website

Initially, this website is supposed to serve as both my Resume and Portfolio. It is based on Gatsby - a React framework made for static websites. I play here with different libraries and web technologies.

I use advantages of a JAMstack here, so there are no fancy databases. I use GraphQL to reach pictures and assets.

It is hosted on Netlify.

The full list of libraries I used here is below:

  • Babylon.js
  • Three.js
  • Markdown
  • and Kepler for data visualisation
  • GraphQL for working with data
  • Mapbox for interactive maps
  • Google Maps for static maps and routes sharing

Why I use Babylon.js

Yes, I know the leader is Three.js It is incredibly easy to use and has a lot of cool examples. I have several scenes here implemented with it.

However, I choose Babylon not only because I had a chance to work together with its development team, I also admire their plans to be a Hololens default library for developers. They are working a lot on AR representations and despite the lack of visual effectiveness, the potential might be huge for a 3D-in-browser world.

Menu that (on November 2021) you can see on the Main page uses Holographic buttons developed for Hololens SDK. I know you are probably using just a browser now, but anyway having this stuff is cool.

The first version looked like that: