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Random things I would share are always here.
Here is my Resume.

Some projects are in the list.
It is a simple tech blog. Here is my email, if you want to reach me.

This Website is a sandbox. I play with front-end things here.
If I helped you and/or you just want to donate me, use this:


Built with 💜 and Gatsby.
Based on React.
Here is a full tech stack.


Work with cooperative and decentralised systems.
Use mostly Python, Typescript or JS.

Sideways modelling and visualisation.
Worked with computer vision for a while.
Researched Generative Design and its applications.
Built agent-based models for BMW and Siemens.

B.Sc Cybernetics, SPbSTU
M.Sc System and Program Engineering, HSE
Graduating Master Student at TU Munich

Physically in Munich or Moscow.
Travel around.

Use Telegram to reach me quickly.