Pavel Popov
Pavel Popov

Code & Architecture


January 2023 - now – Solutions Architect Deloitte-NVIDIA Alliance, Munich, Germany
Work Process

March 2022 - December 2022 – Solutions Architect, SME Deloitte, Munich, Germany
Work Process

February 2021 - September 2021 – System Engineer, Akka Technologies, Milan, Italy
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September 2019 - March 2020 – Python Developer, Sila Sveta, Moscow, Russia
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October 2018 - March 2019 – Simulation Modelling Engineer, Ossenberg Engels Concept&Consulting, Munich, Germany
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June 2017 - August 2018 – Generative Designer, Architect Assistant, Designmarkgroup, Portugal
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October 2016 - April 2017 – Data Analytics Intern, Strategic Consulting Department, Knight Frank, St.Petersburg, Russia
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August 2017 - February 2017 – StickyLens Startup Assistant St.Petersburg, Russia
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June 2016 - August 2016 – Intern, Expo Center, Ekaterinburg, Russia
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Completing MSc in Management Engineering, Politecnico di Milano, Italy, expected graduation: early 2022

Research topics:Cooperative Multi-Agent Systems, Product Management, Federated Learning, Smart Cities Infrastructures, Computer Security Management
Master Thesis: «Augmented sensing for cooperative systems». Group of prof. Nicoli. Part of the research is focused on V2X technologies and their implementation in urban environments. If you can provide any help or data, contact me via mail.
MSc System and Program Engineering, Higher School of Economics, Moscow 2019-2021
Research Topics: Cooperative and Decentralized Systems, Computer Security, Business Intelligence, UX Researches
Summary:Parallel Master Course in Russian University held almost fully online due to the pandemic situation.
Erasmus+, TU Munich, Germany, 2018-2019
Research topics: Performance Based Design, Robotics in Construction, Project Management, Modeling, Optimization and Simulation, Transport Planning, Industrial Technologies.
Summary:Completed several courses and projects. Developed Grasshopper application using GhPython. I have been also busy writing my Bachelor Thesis while working at Ossenberg Engels Concept & Consulting.
BSc Cybernetics, St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Russia, 2019
Thesis title: Applications of Generative Design and Multi-Agent Modeling
Summary:Carried out an in-depth study and created a multi-agent simulation model representing movement of people and vehicles inside congested physical environment and analysed usage of spaces, which helped to support final reconstruction decisions. Developed project is initially a part of the work completed by 'HENN Architekten' office in Berlin redesigning existing layout located in the north of Munich. The simulation model is created with AnyLogic modelling package using Java.
The project is managed fully by me with a support of a project management team at Ossenberg Engels Concept&Consulting in cooperation with strategy department of BMW AG. The data used in the model has been acquired and provided by TNS Kantar and also by our team using several sources such as WiFi access points.
The model showed the way of improving traffic situation in congested environments and the usage of spaces within the certain territory. With the real-time data source the model can be extended to a complete digital twin of the environment.

Tech Stack

Frequently in use: Python, JavaScript, C++
Improving: Typescript
Know, but avoid: Java

Frameworks: Django, Flask, React, Gatsby, Next
Cloud,Infrastructure: AWS, Netlify, Terraform, Docker
Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, GraphQL

WebGL: Babylon.js, Three.js
UI: Figma
Modelling: Rhinoceros+Grasshopper, Blender, AnyLogic, Unity
Maps & Geodata: Mapbox Studio, QGIS
Security and Networks: Wireshark, Fiddler, IDA, BurpSuite

Additional Certificates

Random workshops

  • PowerBI Visualisations by Accenture, 12.2021
  • Building a True Digital Twin Using AnyLogic, Java and DL4J by Ben Schumann, 2020
  • Grasshopper Structural Form finding with BIG: Structural design and proposal for Oscar von Miller Ring traffic intersection using BIG Engineering Grasshopper tools. The result of a three-day work can be found on my Facebook. Held at Oskar von Miller Forum, Munich, 2018

Awards and Other Activities

  • Best delegate of Eurasian Economic Union Model held at HSE University in Russia. Developed a model of transportation flows within Russian part of Chinese 'Belt and Road Initiative'. The model approved by the EEU and Russian Central Bank representatives. Publication available in Russian.
  • Played CTFs in Moscow and St.Petersburg with SPbCTF.

Spoken Languages

  • English (advanced)
  • German (professional proficiency)
  • Italian (intermediate)
  • Russian (native)

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